State occupy movements plan to protest through the winter

Capital News Service
LANSING—Organizers of Occupy protests across Michigan plan to work through the winter, but whether they continue to live in city parks and public spaces varies by city. “We widely see camping out as one tool in the tool box,” said Scott Warren, a media contact for Occupy Grand Rapids. “One tool is not going to fix everything in a house so we need to look at what our next tool will be.”
The Michigan groups are working with Occupy Wall Street in New York City, where the movement started in protest against the 1 percent of people who they say control the country’s economic wealth and caused the country’s economic downturn. They have efforts in Grand Rapids, Lansing, Detroit, Flint and Ann Arbor. The presence in city parks is only the first step of a wider goal to draw attention to financial inequalities and social injustices that protesters say plague the state and country, Warren said.