Clinton County Pro-Gun Activists Take Notice as NRA Convention Closes

By Jonathon Chun
Clinton Country Chatter

The National Rifle Association had more than 4.5 million members as of February 2013, according to chief executive Wayne LaPierre. Earlier this month, the NRA held its annual convention in Nashville that saw nearly 80,000 people attend. The NRA is widely considered to be one of the more influential powers that be in the political sphere. “NRA support can be quite important in Republican primaries on in general elections in districts with substantial gun ownership,” said Dr. Matt Grossman, an associate professor of political science at Michigan State University. With numerous presidential candidates having spoken at the NRA convention, gun enthusiasts and the general public — including those in Clinton County — were given an early look at how each candidate might impact gun restrictions, or lack thereof.

Gun Control Back on National, Local Stage

The future of gun control in America is currently a blurry picture. Proponents of new legislation are pushing for a reinstatement of the assault weapons ban, as well as a ban on high capacity ammunition magazines. There is also a push for universal background checks. Meanwhile, gun rights advocates are pushing back and insisting that no new gun legislation will stop criminals from committing crimes. The only thing both sides can seem to agree on is the need for further mental health studies for a potential gun purchaser.