Safety in Meridian Township rarely a concern for residents

By Sara Konkel
Meridian Times staff writer

In a township full of working professionals, higher-priced housing and a devoted police force, Meridian Township resident Kathy Harrison said that the issue of safety is never a concern in her community. Harrison and her family have been living in the township for 21 years and have never faced a major problem with safety. “People appreciate living in Meridian Township because it’s a safe place,” Meridian Township Police Chief David Hall said. “It’s a nice community and has a lot of things going on, like a great park system, great shopping, great places to eat and it’s close by all the action. It’s close by Lansing and Michigan State University and I think that’s a draw for people.”

Harrison said she feels so comfortable in the township that she allows her 13-year-old son, Noel, to bike to friends’ houses and walk home from school every day.