Grand Ledge Conducts Annual Water Flush

By Kaylee David
Grand Ledge Staff Writer

Grand ledge residents experienced periods of low water pressure and discolored water this past week because of the annual flushing of the city’s water mains. The Department of Public Services finds it necessary each year to flush out the city water mains to reduce the amount of mineral build up in the city’s water. This process takes one week to complete. Larry LaHaie, the city’s public service director, said Grand Ledge gets its water from wells and the groundwater contains fairly high levels of iron. The iron naturally occurs as a result from the bedrock that the water is drawn from, he said.

Grand Ledge Community Concerned About Upcoming Road Construction

by Frank Sorise
Grand Ledge Gazette Staff Writr

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) announced plans for construction on highway M-100 through Grand Ledge this upcoming Spring. With exit 93 into Grand Ledge already closed, many members of the community expressed concerns about future road closures and detours at a meeting at City Hall. Mary Price, a Grand Ledge resident for 34 years, said that going down from four lanes to three lanes was her biggest concern.   “We don’t think it’s necessary at all, and the city does not seem to want to address it. They just want to let MDOT take the heat.”
Price fears that removing the fourth lane will result in heavy traffic, with vehicles taking side roads to avoid traffic. Resident Pam Voltattorni worries about pulling in and out of her own driveway.

ROOT Group Meets-Up to Cleanup

By Jack Crawley
Old Town Times staff writer


One of the Residents of Old Town Group’s primary activities is the community garden on Cedar Street. In fact, the garden is so important to the ROOT Group that it serves as its meeting place during warm months, which is why the meeting on Thursday, Sept. 22 was held there. The meeting was smaller than usual, probably because the date was changed. Only ROOT Group President Mike Davis Jr. and executive director of the Old Town Commercial Association Brittney Hoszkiw, attended.

Old Town's Last Farmers Market Draws Near

The Residents of Old Town Group met Thursday, Sept. 22 and discussed a number of issues including the last day of the Old Town Farmers Market (Oct. 2). The ROOT Group was started in the winter of 2009, said Brittney Hoszkiw, the executive director of the Old Town Commercial Association.  The group addresses issues “dictated by the members and their interests,” said Hoszkiw.  Community empowerment is the main focus, she said.   The group consists of residents, police officers and business owners in the area. Though the group includes police officers, Hoszkiw said they do not discuss crime, but leave those discussions to area Neighborhood Watch groups.