Farmer's market brings variety, unique products to Holt

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By Mo Hnatiuk
Holt Journal staff writer

HOLT — “When I asked 10 people what they looked for in a farmer’s market, I got ten different answers,” Chuck Grinnell, market manager of the Holt Farmer’s Market, said. When Grinnell was first asked to put together the farmer’s market in Holt, Mich. three and a half years ago, he wanted to create something unlike the cookie-cutter markets that are wide-spread across Mid-Michigan. “I don’t want to say we do it better, because every farmer’s market has their own personal attraction, but we are a rural, farm market.” Grinnell said. “Plus, we’re one of the only indoor farmer’s market in the state.”

The Holt Farmer’s Market hosts local venders who sell a wide-variety of products such as free-range meat, baked goods, fresh produce and home-made cosmetics.