Old Town’s very own grocery store

By Shanin Thomas
Old Town Lansing Times staff writer

OLD TOWN LANSING – Unlike anything else in Old Town, the Old Town General Store provides convenient food products. Unique, yet convenient 

Items sold at the general store are primarily Michigan made, organic food, owner Rhea Van Atta said. The fruits, dairy products and alcoholic beverages found in the store are all produced by local farms.

Laura Millikan, employee of the general store, said people in Old Town believe in the concept of a general store. The Old Town General Store also sells unique, Michigan gift items such as pottery, oven mitts, t-shirts and more, Van Atta said. “Michiganders are proud of where they come from,” Van Atta said.

Made in Michigan proposal could save breweries money

Capital News Service
LANSING — Let the Germans make our beer? Michigan legislators say “no thanks” with a proposal to support the state’s own talented brewers. Rep. Doug Geiss, D-Taylor, introduced a bill in the House recently, nicknamed the “Michigan farm to glass” bill, which could give Michigan brewers, winemakers and mead makers a tax credit for using crops grown or produced in the state. The goal is to usher in a closer association between the farmers who grow the ingredients and the brewers who use them, Geiss said, and to help encourage use of Michigan crops with the surge of beer, wine and mead makers. Other states have proven that promoting the use of their crops increases the use of local hops, mead, wheat and other alcohol-related crops, said Geiss, a home brewer and a member of the House Agricultural Committee.