Holt schools meeting state standards, facing achievement gap

By Kelsey Block
The Holt Journal

At the October Board of Education meeting, Holt Curriculum Director Ruth Riddle reported that six schools in the district have a significant achievement gap. Earlier this year, the Michigan Department of Education released a top-to-bottom ranking of schools in the state. The list is based on data collected through the 2013-2014 MEAP tests. Within that list, schools can receive one of three designations: reward, focus or priority. Reward schools are the top 5 percent of schools in the ranking, priority schools are the bottom 5 percent of schools, and focus schools are the 10 percent of schools that have a significant gap in achievement between the highest and lowest scoring students.

Board members question MEAP

By Shanin Thomas
Old Town Lansing Times staff writer

OLD TOWN LANSING – Lansing School District’s Board of Education met on March 13 to discuss the MEAP results and to debate the yearly evaluation. MEAP Results

The Michigan Educational Assessment Program is a standardized test given to third-graders through eighth-graders in the fall of every year to test students education of the previous school year. Superintendent Yvonne Caamal Canul who presented the MEAP results, trends and charts. “We’re doing better than other districts,” she said. The Lansing School District increased in many test scores.