Representative Meadows prepares for Senate race

By Connor Muldowney
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

LANSING — Rep. Mark Meadows has been involved with politics ever since he can remember.  Being the Democratic Michigan state representative for the 69th District has been a stepping stone to the Michigan Senate race in 2014. “My plan is to run for the Senate in 2014, which really means I’ll be starting to run for the Senate in 2013,” Meadows said. Meadows was mayor of East Lansing from 1997 until 2005, so he understands the importance of connecting with the community.  Meadows does not take campaigning lightly and says that hard work will get him to where he wants to be politically. “I plan to cover every inch of the Senate district, which is basically Ingham County,” Meadows said.  “And for those areas that I’m not as well known, which would be outside of the 69th District, I plan to introduce myself and talk about the things that I have done and what I hope to accomplish as their senator.”

Although Meadows is serving his third and final term as state representative, he believes that there is more work to be done and hopes that the person who takes his place accomplishes that work.  He said that there is a lot he would like to accomplish if a fourth term was allowed. “My expectations would be that the person who took my place would fight to end the pension tax and improve the position of middle-class Michiganders,” Meadows said.  “I would expect them to fight for the things that I think citizens of the 69th District believe in, and one of the things that they believe in most strongly is adequately funding public education.”

Meadows would like to see more funding in K-12 education, community college education and university education so that the students will come out of school having high-paying jobs in the future.