Landscaping plan for Mason City Hall moves forward

By Daniel Hamburg
Mason Times staff writer
Despite cold temperatures and snow covered land, the City Council continued discussion last heard at the Dec. 16 meeting regarding City Hall landscaping. In the past, a major complaint according to councilman Marlon Brown was that the grass was too high outside of City Hall. “When I went around and talked to people when I ran for election in 2012, one of the things I heard about was ‘What are you guys going to do about that grass in front of City Hall?’” Brown said. Besides problems with the grass, the City Council is taking steps forward to make the city hall a little more colorful.

Council reduces swimming-pool setback

By BriAnn Harvey
Mason Times staff writer

MASON — A request to reduce the swimming pool setback by 25 feet was reviewed at the second reading of ordinance no. 187 on Feb. 6. The motion passed 6-0 and was adopted.The Ordinance requires swimming pools to have a 35-foot setback from any rear property line. John Jenkins, a member of the zoning board of appeals, said this matter was brought to the planning commission by a resident who asked for a swimming pool to be allowed within a 10-foot setback of any property line.