Groovy Donuts promotes fresh products and customer relations

From retro décor, to old-school records lining the walls, the Groovy Donut shop enters its third year in business while continuing to strengthen customer relations and their reputation for their distinct brand of freshly baked donuts. Groovy Donuts manager Rachel Craner said since being established in 2015, Groovy Donuts has found success through strengthening their relationship with regular customers. “Most of the employees here are from Williamston, which helps with knowing familiar faces that come in,” Craner said. “Our success relies heavily on our regulars. Some come in every week for a dozen donuts, and others come in every morning for a donut and a coffee, but either way we find ways to strengthen those relationships.”

According to Craner, Groovy Donuts finds success through promotions and their ability to produce fresh and unique products.

Even in winter, Meridian Township Farmers’ Market buzzing with sales

By Ally Hamzey
The Meridian Times Staff Reporter

On an unusually sunny, warm day in mid-February, the Meridian Township Farmers’ Market inside the Meridian Mall could have comfortably taken place its usual outdoor location. The pleasant weather, however, did not stop many shoppers from stopping in the mall to partake in the Winter Farmers’ Market Feb. 20. The Meridian Township Farmers’ Market has been around for over 40 years and is offered throughout all four seasons annually. In the other three seasons, the market takes place at the Central Park Pavilion on Marsh Road.

Anthony Bourdain to visit Red Haven restaurant

By Merinda Valley
Meridian Times staff writer

OKEMOS — Although Red Haven typically serves local cuisine, the Okemos eatery will soon dish out New Jersey native Anthony Bourdain. Bestselling author and culinary TV personality Bourdain will reminisce about his travels and experiences in the food industry at the Wharton Center on May 7, as part of his Guts and Glory Tour. In conjunction with his performance, Bourdain will attend a private event the following night at the new and distinctive Red Haven restaurant. Red Haven co-owner and operator Nina Santucci was slightly incredulous when she received the call from Bourdain’s tour producers. They requested the restaurant as a sponsor for Bourdain’s East Lansing stop, though the business had been open only a month.

MSU’s Food Goes Local

Local food is the hottest thing on menus this year. That’s according to a survey by the National Restaurant Association and this fall, MSU has started a pilot program that has brought beef from an MSU farm on the plates of MSU students in residence dining halls on campus. Dan Buskirk is a professor of Animal Sciences as MSU and says the beef was raised at MSU and processed in Michigan. “We harvested 10 cattle at a packing plant in northern Michigan, that beef was processed at Byron in Grand Rapids then that beef was brought back to campus and is being served through MSU culinary services this fall on campus,” Buskirk says. Earlier this month when the beef was served in MSU dining halls, students learned more about their beef through the use of QR codes.