City of DeWitt is unique in offering a leaf pick-up program

By Kamen Kessler
Bath-DeWitt Connection Staff Reporter

DEWITT — A strange large red vehicle is often seen on the city streets of DeWitt in late fall heading into winter. Often times, the streets of cities are cluttered with leaf debris, but this large vacuum vehicle helps to keep the beautiful city clean for not only businesses, but also residents. DeWitt is unique in the fact it is recognized as a Tree City USA, by the National Arbor Day Foundation, honoring its commitment to community forest for the seventeenth year, according to the DeWitt city website. DeWitt meets the four standards of a Tree City USA, by having a tree board department, a tree care ordinance, and a comprehensive community forestry program. The final standard is to have a citywide Arbor Day observance, according to the DeWitt city website.

Last winter’s chilly legacy: fall colors slower to peak

Capital News Service
LANSING – Fall colors aren’t exploding as uniformly in the Great Lakes region as they have in the past. Experts say that’s because of last winter’s extreme cold. NASA satellite images show fall colors beginning to appear in the Upper Peninsula in late September. Fall color tours are a tourist attraction promoted by the state’s Pure Michigan advertising campaign. About 2 million people traveled throughout the state for fall color tours last year, according to Michelle Grinnell, the travel public relations manager for Pure Michigan.