Lack of communication may interfere with knowledge of help-rooms

By Mayara Sanches
Grand Ledge Gazette Reporter

GRAND LEDGE — The Grand Ledge School Board had a lack of communication informing parents about the intervention program and how it helps students, but plans to get their support. Failure rates in general education subjects decreased 20 to 60 percent due to intervention at Grand Ledge High School, but members of the board realized that the parents’ knowledge of the help-rooms is vital in continuing the decrease. They plan on educating parents about it, possibly by parent-teacher conferences or by informing the teenagers to tell their guardians about the benefits of after-school help sessions. “There are so many things we offer, but some parents have no idea,” said Brody Boucher, board president. Knowledge

Help-rooms are offered in math, science, social studies and English from 7 a.m., through lunch, and close at 4:30 p.m. — with over 1,000 students attending every trimester in each subject.