The 24th Annual Michigan Solar Home Tour goes virtual amidst pandemic

The 2020 Michigan Solar Home tour hosted by the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association took place Saturday, October 3, over Zoom instead of the traditional walkthrough home tour. The annual event is in its 24th year.  

In previous years, people would showcase their home or businesses’ solar systems throughout Michigan. Due to the virtual nature of the event, guests were able to see every solar system. The tour, which went from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., allowed guests to understand how solar energy can reduce your monthly energy bill while promoting a clean environment. A typical “tour” used Zoom’s screen-sharing tool in which speakers showed pictures and statistics of their solar systems.

Twelve people showcased their solar system, including MSU Professor David Arnosti.

Township’s deer management program maintains success

By Stephanie Hernandez McGavin
The Meridian Times

Land management coordinator Jane Greenway presented the progress of the Meridian Township’s deer management program to the township board on April 7. After numerous complaints from Meridian residents about deer overpopulation, damage to property and deer-vehicle collisions, the board authorized a deer management plan in 2011. The deer management program ended its hunting season on Feb. 28. There were 159 deer harvested and a drop in 43 reported deer-car collisions since 2013.