Energy-efficient improvements pitched to township board

By Jalen Smith
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

The idea of making Holt a more energy efficient city was brought up at Delhi Township’s April 5 board meeting. Dick Williams from Honeywell, a contracting company, wants to make Delhi more energy-efficient by modifying furnaces, air conditioning units, and hot water tanks in city-owned buildings so that they use less energy. They also want to put in LED light bulbs in streetlights. With these changes Williams has estimated that the city of Holt will save thousands of dollars annually with these new improvements. “We want to make Delhi more energy-efficient, and cut the township back on unnecessary spending on energy that’s not being used,” said Williams.

No vote happened for this proposal at this meeting.

Two recent bank robberies were two rarities for the area

By Stevie Pipis
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

Bank robberies are pretty rare in Mid-Michigan in the first place. Last month, that rare event happened twice. And on the same day. The two banks were the FirstMerit Bank in Delhi Township and Comerica Bank in Lansing, both on Cedar Road and both robbed on the morning of Feb. 20.

Preparations for March 8 primaries keeping election officials busy

By Jalen Smith
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

The March 8 presidential primary election is coming up and the people of Delhi Township are preparing. The job of the voters is to keep up with who is running. However, the job for the clerk is completely different than those of the voters, because preparing for elections can be a handful. “Big or small we have a lot to get done before any election, and it’s my job to make sure it all goes smoothly,” said Township Clerk Evan Hope. Election turnouts varies depending upon the election.

Hiking trails make Dehli Township more appealing, official says. So expect more

By Ashley Gibbard
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

Delhi Township is using its non-motorized transportation plan it make its community more appealing to potential homeowners of all generations. “We want to open things up and have as much space for new parks and trails as possible, by doing so along with adding new sidewalks and running infrastructure underground we have already seen an increase in people from a younger generation buying homes here,” Delhi Township Supervisor C.J. Davis said. “It makes it more inviting.” Passed in 2007, the plan is more a part of the community than ever, with the addition of the new Ram Trail and the idea of even more trails being added in the future. “We definitely have plans for even more trails,” Davis said.

Delhi Charter Township is getting into recycling

By Aundreana Jones-Poole
Holt Journal staff reporter

The Delhi Charter Township’s recycling center and other recycling programs are increasing environmental awareness in Holt.

According to the Public Services Department section of the township website, Delhi has instituted some recycling programs to reduce health hazards and help the environment and are improving them constantly. Sewer backups and overflows can damage home interiors, cause health hazards, and threaten the environment, according to the website. In an effort to combat this, Delhi has instituted a grease-recycling program. ‘This program started many years ago in response to the Sanitary Sewer Overflow Regulation,” said Sandra Diorka, Director of Public Services. “Now grease is fed to the digester system for energy production.”

According to the website, household greases and oils are recycled into products like bio-diesel, pet food and cosmetics.