St. Johns Public Schools is integrating technology into the classroom

By Meghan Callan
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

ST. JOHNS — Technology is transforming the way teaching and learning is taking place in the educational system of St. Johns Public Schools. According to Curriculum Coordinator of St.Johns Public Schools Jason Gnegy, currently within the school system there are different forms of student devices and different levels of quantity based on those levels. “At our high school we have Dell laptops mixed with Chromebooks.

Teachers see need for more computer courses

Capital News Service
LANSING –There’s no doubt: a computer science career can be a lucrative one. Just last year, 248 new technology companies cropped up throughout Michigan, amassing $770 million in private investment, according to the Michigan Economic Development Corp. Check Michigan’s job boards and you’ll find more than 15,000 openings looking for a set of computing skills. Not all of those jobs belong to technology companies. In fact, more than half are found across various industries.