Bath to provide library center for community members

Bath is set to welcome a new addition that could potentially open doors for many of the citizens – their own library center. Bath Library Center, a satellite site of Dewitt District Library, will be a small library located within Bath Corners shopping mall. It will offer a wide selection of books for children while working to serve older age groups. Brought together largely by volunteering efforts and donations, the soon to open Bath Library was granted a budget to open. Bath Township Board gave a total of $75,000 to open and supply the center with books and equipment.

Old Town Hopes to Greater Its Business Appeal on the Net

By Kara Albrecht
Old Town Lansing Times Staff Writer


LANSING, MI. – Old Town is in the process of transforming their lackluster website into a technological tool for generating business.The Old Town Economic Restoration Committee met on Oct. 9, 2012 to discuss how to keep people interested in the neighborhood. By updating the current website, the committee hopes to create a better showcase of their businesses in order to keep up visitor interest. “We need to showcase the businesses and festivals better,” said Old Town Economic Restoration Committee Member Andy Hannum.