Meridian Township helps those in need

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 12 percent of Meridian Township residents are living below the poverty level. For those who are struggling, Meridian Township has many resources and programs for families in need. One is Meridian Cares. Darla Jackson is a human services specialist for the Meridian Cares program. Jackson helps families with finding shelter, covering utilities, rent to avoid eviction and even help with medications and furniture.

Meridian Township sends its sympathy — and water — to Flint

By Kelly Sheridan
The Meridian Times Staff Reporter

This past year, Flint has made headlines with its ongoing water crisis. Since April 2014, there have been high traces of lead in their tap water, causing it to be unusable by its residents. Forty-five miles southwest of Flint, Meridian Township has less worries about their water system, but still send their sympathy to Flint. “At first, I thought it was being exaggerated,” Michigan State student and Okemos resident Kasey Horan said. “But sadly, at this point, I just hear [stories from Flint] and think, ‘Oh great, here we go again.’”

People from all over the country have reached out to help Flint.

Lansing churches not what they were, in more ways than one

By Isaac Constans
Listen Up, Lansing Staff Reporter

It is apparent when meandering through downtown that the urban landscape is dominated by government buildings and churches. And while one makes clear sense in the state’s capitol, the other needs some explication. Churches in Lansing have always been magnets for socialization and meeting places for residents. And despite the falling numbers of churchgoers, the grandiose edifices of worship continue to impact the community. “This is 75,000 square ft.

Lansing musicians attempt to gain exposure through networking

By Haywood Liggett
Listen Up, Lansing staff reporter

Local church musicians are working to build a strong network amongst each in order to increase familiarity with the Lansing music scene as a whole. Self-promotion is key when attempting to climb the ladder in any industry. When it comes to being a musician, how much advertisement is too much? How much can others contribute? Austin Tipton, a drummer at The Tabernacle of David Church, has been gaining an increased amount of buzz around the city.

Reaction to New Pope

Father Anthony Strouse and others from the St. John’s Student Center reflect on their anticipation of the announcement and share their reactions to the election of Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope.

East Lansing Catholics react to pope’s resignation

By Erin Smith
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

Something that hasn’t happened for almost 600 years will happen on Feb. 28 — the pope will officially resign. Pope Benedict XVI announced Monday that he was resigning in about two weeks. According to a local diocese director of communication, a Pope hasn’t resigned since the year 1415. Michael Diebold, the director of communication for the diocese of Lansing said it was really unexpected for everyone, even people of the Catholic Church community in Lansing and East Lansing.