Kipp Road resolution passed for future roadwork and new jobs

By Lauren Kroll
Mason Times Staff Writer 

MASON-The Mason City Council passed a resolution to support the Ingham County Road Commission in resurfacing Kipp Road from US-127 to the front gate of Gestamp with a vote of 6-0 on Feb. 6The ICRC works with all communities having county roads in Ingham County to coordinate road projects and cooperate on seeking funding grants.  Both Managing Director Bill Conklin and Director of Engineering Robert Peterson will work as liaisons with Mason on this project. By email, Bill Conklin wrote that the Category A grant being used for this project will be paired with regular federal aid project funding to cover the costs of the project.  “The 20 percent local match is usually funded by the road commission, but occasionally the local city (Mason in this case) or township (Vevay) may contribute to the local match if funding is short and/or there is a desire to include municipal improvements in the project such as water, sewer, and/or sidewalk work,” he said.