Old Town Trying to instill a Business Improvement Zone

Old Town is trying to instill a Business Improvement Zone (BIZ) to increase funding. “Old Town is part of what’s called a Principal Shopping District (PSD) and has its properties assessed, essentially a special tax,” said Jamie Schriner-Hooper, a volunteer for the Old Town Organization Committee.   “Old Town has been trying to put a Business Improvement Zone (BIZ) in place so that the funding stays in Old Town.”

“The process of a BIZ is quite intricate.  Once we are a BIZ we will not be a PSD they are two different types of taxing bodies,” said the executive director of the Old Town Commercial Association, Brittney Hoszkiw.  Attached is an excel work sheet with a work plan regarding Old Town becoming BIZ. Half of the PSD tax that property owners pay is returned to the Old Town community, in the form of a grant.  They would like 100 percent returned to the community, she said. Hoszkiw described the PSD as an organization that has a similar mission, focused on downtown Lansing.

Boats, Skate Parks & Monkey Bars, Oh My!

By Omar Powell                                                                                                                           Grand Ledge Gazette Writer

The city of Grand Ledge is currently its first year of a five-year plan to improve the area’s parks & recreational activities. The plan is estimated to cost a total of $229,948. The five year plan includes the construction, reconstruction, development or upgrade of at least 10 facilities or programs in the Grand Ledge area, ranging from estimated costs of $10,000-$322,000. City Administrator Jon Bayless said the plan would benefit “Delta Township, Clinton County, Eagle Township, Eaton County, United Township and that would be primarily it. And of course the city of Grand Ledge, partially in Clinton and Eaton County.”

“We hope it’s driven by the community and not just a city administration.