Meridian Township Board works to revitalize downtown Okemos

Revamped position works to revamp downtown Okemos

The Meridian Township Board announced Amber Clark as the new Director of Neighborhoods and Economic Development during its last meeting on Oct. 5. 

Clark proposed the position be restructured to serve neighborhoods, as most of Okemos and Haslett residents live in suburban areas. Keeping neighborhoods in the loop

As Clark moved into the director position, she told the city manager and team about her plans to reinvigorate the role. “Upon taking the position, I told the team I was interested in drawing in the neighborhoods of such a residential-heavy township,” Clark said. “The core areas looking to develop immediately touch the residents in these neighborhoods, and economic development isn’t just about bringing in new businesses.”

If redevelopment funding is secured, the development team plans to complete demolition and asbestos abatement of buildings on the west side of the community by Dec.

Energy-efficient improvements pitched to township board

By Jalen Smith
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

The idea of making Holt a more energy efficient city was brought up at Delhi Township’s April 5 board meeting. Dick Williams from Honeywell, a contracting company, wants to make Delhi more energy-efficient by modifying furnaces, air conditioning units, and hot water tanks in city-owned buildings so that they use less energy. They also want to put in LED light bulbs in streetlights. With these changes Williams has estimated that the city of Holt will save thousands of dollars annually with these new improvements. “We want to make Delhi more energy-efficient, and cut the township back on unnecessary spending on energy that’s not being used,” said Williams.

No vote happened for this proposal at this meeting.

Curbside pickup of winter debris in Delhi Township begins April 21

By Ethan Merrill
Holt Journal staff writer

It seems like Michiganders can never really get away from the snow. Even as we begin to shed layers and venture outside, pesky piles of slush continue to remind us of our snowiest winter on record. For those in Delhi Township, help is on the way. At their April 1 meeting, the Delhi Township Board of Trustees hoped to bring awareness to the curbside pickup of winter debris that will begin on Monday, April 21. This free service will begin in central Holt, and then move on to surrounding streets.