Downtown Bethesda grows

With nearly 200 restaurants, 75 retail stores and living spaces opening up, the downtown area of Bethesda, Maryland known as Downtown Bethesda is evolving into a bustling district. 

The city located just outside Washington has grown over the last couple of years. Bethesda has grown in its population since 2010. According to Census data over 8,000 residents have moved to the Bethesda area in the past 10 years. 

“My job is to figure out understanding what the mix is today if there’s an interest in retail and ground up new development,” said Vanessa Mendoza, who serves as the director of leasing for Bethesda Row, a mixed-use development area located at the intersection of Bethesda Avenue and Arlington Road. Within the row, there are numerous restaurants, shops and living spaces that have been added to the area. 

Most recently. Nike opened up its store in Downtown Bethesda on May 25.