Daddy-Daughter Dance is now the Cupid’s Shuffle in Bath School District

By Brendan Wilner
Bath-DeWitt Connection Staff Reporter

BATH — In Bath Township, there is a new dance name that was changed and it is something that the school district should be proud of. There was a Daddy-Daughter Dance that was changed to Cupid’s Shuffle. The dance was sponsored by the Bath High School Student Council and was for Elementary and Middle School students. The superintendent of the Bath School District, Jake Huffman, said that it is a minor name change that fits the purpose of the dance. Huffman had the idea was suggested to him, the school principals, and the high school advisors.

Bath Truck or Treat to give children safe fun

The holiday of Halloween might have once been a night dedicated to those of youth, but has become a time for adults. Many wonder where children come into play for this once youthful holiday. Bath Township, a small rural town where door to door trick or treating is close to impossible, is set to hold an annual event where kids are the focus of the night. Truck or Treat, once centered on an opportunity for large trucks and rigs to appear in a car show as well as provide treats for kids, will be held at the Bath Elementary school parking lot. ““It gives an opportunity, especially in some rural areas, for kids to trick or treat,” said Bath Elementary principal Zachary Strickler.

Bath Elementary Students ‘Walk To’ the Extra Help They Need

The Bath Elementary School administration has come up with the ‘Walk To’ Program in order to help students who need extra assistance in reading and math. Bath Elementary has an intervention team that assists teachers in providing students with the extra help they need. According to Nikki Mosser, an intervention teacher at Bath Elementary, the school used to use what they referred to as the ‘pull-out’ and ‘push-in’ models to give students in need extra assistance. Students were pulled out of class to receive help and intervention teachers were placed in classes to give extra help. After the Bath Elementary intervention team discovered the ‘Walk To’ Program was being used in other school districts, it is now being implemented in the school.