MSU Bike Share

As bike clutter worsens around campus, ASMSU says they have a fix. “The idea is: create a bike sharing community,” said ASMSU VP for Finance and Operations, Mike Mozina. With nearly 50,000 students enrolled at MSU, bike racks are overflowing. ASMSU wants to implement a program where students could pay for shared bikes when they need to get around campus. Students could either rent bikes at $1 per hour or buy a year-long membership for $50.

Focal Point Fall 2013 [Show 2]

One very popular local produce item is much cheaper to buy this year. A new proposal from MSU’s Student Government could create a community bike share on campus. And, students, staff and alumni of MSU partook in this year’s many homecoming festivities.  

Focal Point is an Emmy awarding winning, student produced newscast from the School of Journalism at Michigan State University.

MSU Withholds Student Government Funding

After MSU requests ASMSU, the schools student government, to transfer their financial accounts on campus the organization votes to deny the request resulting in their funds being withheld. The university says the request is supported by past audits ASMSU see’s otherwise. Focal Point’s Cortni Moore tells us why.