Whole Foods moves forward with East Lansing store opening

By Tori Zackery

In preparation for its early 2016 opening, Whole Foods in East Lansing will soon begin hiring. The new store, which has yet to announce an official opening date, is located at 2750 E. Grand River Ave. and looking to hire 120 part-time and full-time employees, said Whole Foods spokesperson Allison Phelps to the Lansing State Journal. Positions posted online require varying skills, from high-level food preparation to customer service positions that require no previous experience. Phelps reported to the Lansing State Journal that interviews should be held in March.

Alert system at Michigan State University makes students more aware of East Lansing crime

By Tori Zackery
Entirely East Lansing

When a crime occurs on or near Michigan State University’s campus, the university issues an alert to more 50,000 people

During the 2015-2016 school year, a local Pizza Hut, apartment complex and MSU residence hall were among establishments in the East Lansing area victim to armed robbery. Each incident prompted a message alert to be sent to the phones and emails of students and faculty, including accounting freshman Alonja Wilson.  

“I feel like I get these alerts once a week,” said Wilson. The MSU Police Department is mandated by the Clery Act, a consumer protection law passed in 1990, to make students, faculty and the public aware of crime occurring on campus. Part of this requirement includes issuing timely warnings and notifications in potential emergency situations.

Community Profile: Erik Berakovich


How long have you been in the East Lansing? Well we got here about two years ago from northern Michigan. What are your favorite thing about the area so far? Well I went to Michigan State back in the 90s, so I’m alumni, but we like the fact that we have the school across the street. The university has a constant turnover of students and you have the graduate programs, you have the internships, and so on, so forth.

Community Profile: Chris Melnyk


How long have you been living in East Lansing? (Lives in Haslett, active in East Lansing community) 35 years. What’s your favorite thing about the area? Where I live, it’s close enough out the country, you can get out to it, but you got everything you need close by. You got everything you need, without being a huge city.

Community Profile: Maxwell Kahn


How long have you been living in East Lansing? Four years

What would you say is your favorite thing about the area? Michigan State University, of course because I’m a student here. Can’t get much better than that. What would you consider one of your greatest accomplishments?

MSU groups urge students to vote in March 8 presidential primary

By Tori Zackery
Entirely East Lansing
With the Iowa caucuses kicking off the presidential primaries, East Lansing voters have little more than a month before they are able to cast their ballots. On March 8, five polling locations will be available for registered voters on Michigan State University’s campus. If the primary election mirrors the last election held in East Lansing however, convenience will be a minor factor in student voter participation. Out of the 2,600 students who were registered to vote in East Lansing, only 33 participated in the Nov. 3 City Council election.