Local veterans organization provides needed support for community

By Rachel Beard
Lansing Township News Staff Reporter

For U.S. veterans, finding information about important issues like veterans care and benefits can be challenging. But for the 666 veterans living in Lansing Township, the local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) post, Post 701, provides a vital support system. “There are so many organizations now that no one person could name them all, but many veterans are not aware that they even exist or that there are benefits available for them,” Vice President of the veterans organization Honor for All Kent Hall said. “There is no veterans phone book or lists available for us to contact a veteran in need. It is usually word of mouth.

Plans for Walmart extension delayed by township planning commission

The grassy area beside the Walmart store in Eastwood Towne Center may be a construction site for an extension to the Walmart, but only if the site plan can make it past the Lansing Township Planning and Development Commission. Video by Rachel Beard. By Rachel Beard and Ana Williams
Lansing Township News Reporters

Walmart has been planning an extension to their store in Eastwood Towne Center since 2003, and although the plan was scheduled to be complete in January 2015, recent setbacks have put their plans on hold once again. “We are always looking for ways to better serve our customers in Lansing, but we have no news to announce at this time,” Walmart spokesperson Anne Hatfield said. Walmart originally started working on a plan for the extension with the Lansing Township planning commission back in 2003, but the economic recession in 2008 delayed their plans for construction to 2015.

Voter turnout in township ‘mirrors trends that we see around the country’

By Rachel Beard
Lansing Township News Staff Reporter

The March 8, 2016 presidential primary resulted in a record-breaking voter turnout in Michigan, and, while perhaps not record-breaking, Lansing Township also experienced a higher turnout than usual. “Well, [voter turnout] was double what it was four years ago,” Lansing Township Clerk Susan Aten said. “It was higher than it normally is, for that particular election.”

The average turnout here was 35 percent. “Our precincts ranged from 25 to 43 percent,” Lansing Township Supervisor Diontrae Hayes said. “Information comes from the clerk’s office and [is] also posted on Ingham County’s website.”

Christopher Larimer, Professor of American Politics at the University of Northern Iowa, attributes this increase in turnout to the large number of Republican candidates running for office.

Lansing Township: ‘business as usual’ following arrest of Stuart Dunnings III

By Rachel Beard, Hannah Brenner, Grant Essenmacher and Ana Williams
Lansing Township News Staff Reporters

Lansing Township citizens and leadership turned on their televisions on March 14 and were shocked to hear Attorney General Bill Schuette announce that Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III had been arrested and faced with 15 separate charges related to prostitution. “I have worked with Stuart Dunnings while I have served as Attorney General,” Schuette said. “I am saddened that an elected official who holds a special trust from voters and is the chief prosecutor in our capital city would allegedly engage in conduct causing felony and misdemeanor charges to be filed.”

But for Lansing Township officials, it’s been business as usual since Dunnings’ arrest. Lansing Township Police Chief Kay Hoffman realizes that the necessary reaction is to keep moving forward, operating and protecting citizens as if everything is normal. “We are moving on and operating as we normally do,” Hoffman said.

Interim supervisor looks to township’s future

By Rachel Beard
Lansing Township News Staff Reporter

This November, Lansing Township voters will be voting for more than just a new president of the United States. They’ll also be voting for a new supervisor for the township. On Feb. 26, Kathleen Rodgers served her last day as the Lansing Township supervisor after more than 27 years in township government. Former board of trustees member Diontrae Hayes took her place on Feb.