Schools partner with Lansing Police Department for trauma relief

Lansing Public School District is in the process of implementing a program called Handle with Care to provide assistance to students of all grades who have experienced trouble with the law in the past 24 hours. “The goal ultimately is to create trauma-informed school districts, environments and communities,” said Karlin Tichenor the Executive Director for School Culture department. Tichenor said that the program will offer counseling if the student wants it and will open the door to other resources. The program is part of a growing national movement that started in West Virginia. Jackson Public Schools piloted the program in February and had a lot of success with it so far, said Tichenor

One of Jackson’s partners for their Handle with Care program is LifeWays Community Mental Health.

MSU students looking forward to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and MSU students are ready for family time and their favorite home-cooked meals. Journalism major Madison Loney said she is looking forward the most to being with her family and the Thanksgiving dinner. “In my family my mom is the best cook she makes stuffing,” Loney said. Media and information student Keiahna Dunbar-Reppuhn plans on staying home and working for the holiday. “I’m just gonna go to the movies and make some turkey,” Dunbar-Reppuhn said.

Lansing residents talk about their city

“There’s almost always something to do here and free. Lansing is blooming right now, during the summer the Lansing city parks were very popular for their concerts and events.”

Nancy Heldt, Elementary School Cafeteria Employee.  


“Lansing is a city on the cusp of serious change… changing demographics, changing economic drivers, changing political characteristics.”

Dr. Bryan Beverly, Research Assistant and Coordinator of the Fellowship of Instructional Leaders with MSU’s College of Education, Office of K-12 Outreach and Lansing School Board member.  

“We have a lot of diversity here in Lansing. It’s not like on the outskirts where it’s not diverse.