The Great Debate…. Drinking Game

By: Sarah Drummond for MI First Election

A recent trend in college communities has emerged: the debate drinking games. There are a few varieties but the most popular, according to Google, is The game is based on key words that the candidates are likely to say during the debate. The player picks a candidate and drinks each time their chosen candidate said one of those words. The website has a Twitter handle as well as a live ‘scoreboard’ keeping track of each team.

Michigan Republican Party remained optimistic

The main stage at the Michigan Republican Party watch event. Photography: Kara Albrecht

The Michigan Republican Party hosted a watch party event tonight in the Lansing Center. Watch party attendees were remaining optimistic for Hoekstra in the Senatorial Election. To view the full story, visit:

Educated Voters

MI First Election: Sarah Drummond

Students have a hard time staying informed about all of the issues and candidates between homework, classes, and social lives. Despite this students don’t often turn to major news networks for their information. “I just kind of read for myself,” says Abby Bixler about how she researched the proposals. “I have been listening to my parents and friends talk and I got a pretty good idea.”

Many students like Bixler get information through secondary sources like parents and friends. There are students who use media for information, but most are not watching major news networks.