Pre-Labor Day school start on the table in Lansing

A debate over whether schools should start before Labor Day is in full swing after a Michigan senator introduced the idea. Sen. Marty Knollenberg (R-Troy) has introduced a bill that would remove the post-Labor Day mandate and allowing communities to decide when they start school. If the bill passes, schools can start in August, weeks are cut down to three school days a week, cutting Mondays and Fridays out of the picture. After Labor Day, a normal five-day week would be instituted. A few people in the Mason area have expressed concern over the proposed bill.

Mason residents searching for a restaurant replacement

People in Mason are clamoring for a new restaurant to replace the the one next door to Kean’s Store Company. In June of 2015, a fire started in the former Baja Grille, causing the first floor to fall out, as well as extensive damage on the exterior. Since the closure of the restaurant, downtown Mason has not had a local one in over a year and a half.