Cracked: Williamston’s struggle for better roads

In Williamston, it’s no secret that the roads could be in much better shape. “The roads are terrible,” Williamston resident John Endahl said. “We’ve lived on [Middle] street for 30 years, and it is basically paved potholes. It’s been that way for about five years.”

As a bike rider, the potholes on Middle street have caused Endahl to drop his phone on the pavement multiple times. The dire shape of some of Williamston’s roads has no quick fix, according to City Manager Alan Dolley.

Debt on students’ minds during presidential debate

The issue of student debt was brought front and center during the third and final presidential debate this Wednesday, striking a chord with many of the students who watched the event at a viewing party in Wells Hall.  

During the debate, Secretary Clinton reinforced that she, if elected president, would work to pass a bill that would allow “families with income up to $125,000 [to] pay no tuition at in-state four-year public colleges and universities.”

Trump has stated he would work with lawmakers to reduce tuition, specifics of such a plan have yet to be unveiled. Students voiced their fears and frustrations toward student debt, with many fearing that their debt would hold them down later in life. “I’m just trying to pay for college… I’m in like 10,000 worth of debt right now and I’m only – I’m not even halfway through school,” Hannah Dunstan, an art education sophomore, said.