Thanksgiving brings various traditions to MSU

With Thanksgiving this Thursday, Michigan State students are planning on celebrating the holiday with their family and friends. Students with international backgrounds have different ways of celebrating the American tradition. Chesca Alvarez, a senior from Novi, has a different Thanksgiving than everyone else. “My family actually eats Japanese food during Thanksgiving so we don’t really have, like, the typical Thanksgiving,” she said. While she can’t do Thanksgiving with her parents because they are in the Philippines, she gets to celebrate Thanksgiving with her siblings.

Cardboard Prophets spread love across community

Cardboard Prophets, a street-based outreach initiative, organized a community park cleaning event at Reutter Park on Nov.6. Mike Karl, the founder of the group, said this was their first clean-up event. 

“The community complained the park was dirty, getting overrun with drug users, we want to leave the place the way we found it. Ruetter is the only park in Lansing with a lot of features though,” Karl said. 

The event is open to everyone, participants are supposed to bring the trash bags, gloves and love. “Being a volunteer as a member of the organization makes me feel the sense of existing, and I find the place where my love is going to,” said Beckie Burke, one of the members of Cardboard Prophets. Cardboard Prophets has been founded by Karl since 2010.

Ingham county residents enjoy free zoo day  

Potter Park Zoo welcomed Ingham county tourists with free admission on Oct.7. This event happens every year on the first Saturday of October. “Doing a free day is a sort of giving back to them (residents), since they supported us,” said Sarah Pechtel, the general curator of the zoo. “Free day is also a great way to experience something positive from that,” Pechtel continued. Encompassing over 20 acres and featuring more than 500 individual animals of  160 different species, the Potter Park Zoo has three conservation efforts that support the black rhino, red panda, and Puerto Rican crested toad.

Rezoning in South Lansing pending for almost 3 years

On Sept.25, Elaine Womboldt, the facilitator of  Rejuvenating South Lansing opposed rezoning 930 Holmes Rd.Regular Meeting of the City Council of The City of Lansing. Since the rezoning request has been made, the proposal has been pending for almost 3 years. Rejuvenating South Lansing is a Neighboring group founded by Elaine Womboldt to connect neighbors to resources, and improve the quality of life in South Lansing. Rejuvenating South Lansing opposed the rezoning every time the rezoning “W.Holmes” was on the agenda at any board meetings, Development and Planning or Council meetings.                      



“We want this property to be vibrant, bring in people who want to shop in the area and also have a business that has more than 1 or 2 people working in it.

Lansing residents talk about their city

“There’s almost always something to do here and free. Lansing is blooming right now, during the summer the Lansing city parks were very popular for their concerts and events.”

Nancy Heldt, Elementary School Cafeteria Employee.  


“Lansing is a city on the cusp of serious change… changing demographics, changing economic drivers, changing political characteristics.”

Dr. Bryan Beverly, Research Assistant and Coordinator of the Fellowship of Instructional Leaders with MSU’s College of Education, Office of K-12 Outreach and Lansing School Board member.  

“We have a lot of diversity here in Lansing. It’s not like on the outskirts where it’s not diverse.