Fashion and beauty experts discuss terminology

It is one thing to understand slang or urban terminology.  The fashion and beauty world continues to develop thier own terminology. Those in fashion and beauty are typically creative people, it makes sense that new words are created to describe impressive demeanor, style, behavior and beauty. Through the power of music in pop culture, and drag world, these words are spread into the global language. Below are a few words used in modern times. Beat  (Adj, Verb): Beat is just as it sounds.

Lansing nail tech shares 2018 nail trends

Have you ever been to a place were you can get a pedicure, manicure, wax AND the latest nail trends?  It is very difficult to find a nail shop that caters to all your desires while being sanitary and comfortable. It is all possible at S Nail Lounge, located at 2546 E. Jolly road in Lansing. The S stands for Susan Hoang, the owner and first chair. Her unique technique, clean space and huge selection of nail colors, makes her popular with her clients. “Many trends now have a lot to do with shaping,” said Hoang: “coffin, square and anything tapered.”

“Black Panther”: The power of pride

Ever been to see a Marvel movie in theaters? If so, you may have noticed people dressing up as their favorite hero or villain.  Marvel Studios has now introduced a new superhero in its latest movie: T’challa, the King of Wakanda. The rest of the world knows him as Black Panther. Marvel fans appreciate the action in the movie Black Panther. Someone else may enjoy the fact that it shined light on a culture that has been traditionally overlooked.

Four students from Detroit thrive in the beauty industry

Harmoni Florence, Lexus Ferrell, Dejah Greason and Saqoyia Price are all graduating seniors at Michigan State University who took their own crafts of the beauty industry and started local business near the Michigan State Campus. Coincidentally, these four ladies are all from the same high school, Detroit’s Cass Technical. Harmoni Florence is a senior at MSU studying human development and family studies. Florence started her hair business during her sophomore year and more recently added makeup to her services. “I had friends that would let me practice different types of styles on them until I perfected them.

Your personal style can impact your mood

What does it mean to dress for class? Some students’ “go-to” is a pair of sweats and an oversized crew neck. Some crawl to class in whatever they went to bed in. For others, like Sheridan Leatherberry and Ashton Keys, it’s a bit more than that. Ashton Keys is studying architecture at Michigan State University.

Grand Ledge warns drivers to prepare for winter traffic conditions

By DeVinnia Moore
Living in the Ledge Staff Reporter

With winter approaching, bringing icy roads, gloomy skies and crazy winds, traffic experts are reminding Grand ledge commuters to drive safely. “The average traffic issue will vary with the time of year,” said Chris Blievernicht, a Grand Ledge police lieutenant. Experts say drivers need to calibrate their habits for the changing conditions. “In the beginning of winter, drivers mindsets have to adjust to conditions,” said David Kack, the mobility and public transportation program manager at the Western Transportation Institute. “In the winter time people tend drive too fast for the weather conditions and this causes them to run lights or slide through stop signs,” said Kack.