Names matter: Minorities unhappy with the way they are described in the media

“I think people should be more conscience and more sensitive to the fact that all people aren’t just black because they have dark skin,” said Kenny Lacy, an African-American student athlete at the University of California – Los Angeles. “ People need to learn that race is more than just colors.”  

Over the years, our perception of how we define race has been generally described by a color instead of ethnicity. Being African-American is being “black” while being Caucasian is being “white”. Racial identification is often viewed as a sensitive topic due to inappropriate or incorrect categorization of one’s ethnicity. Listen to the full interview with Lacy below:

Media portrayals of different groups also has an impact on how society views them and at times people will alert journalists of the way they prefer to be called, said Scott Pohl, a reporter and host of WKAR’s Current State.

Media members react to Trump’s call for an end to anonymous sourcing

President Trump called for the media to stop their use of anonymous sources during the annual Conservative Political Action Conference this year. “They shouldn’t be allowed to use sources unless they use somebody’s name,” Trump said. “Let them (the source) say it to my face.”

Journalists and professors at Michigan State said anonymous sources are important for reporters, even though they should only be used as a last resort. According to Journalism Professor Sue Carter, anonymous sourcing isn’t the preferred method of reporting but sometimes it’s the only way to get information for a story. “When a source asks to be anonymous, try to encourage them to go on record, don’t accept anonymity out the gate,” Carter said.

Majority wants more protection from a Lansing sanctuary city proposal

The Lansing City Council voted to table a resolution that would reaffirm Lansing’s status as welcoming city to immigrants and refugees on Feb.13. The resolution was scrapped not because the council didn’t want to pass legislation, but largely due to public demand for more protection under the proposition. See below for the full proposal. The meeting drew a crowd so large that a viewing area was set up in the lobby to accommodate more people. “I’ve been on the council for a year and in that time I have never seen a crowd at a council meeting that large,” said Council Member Kathie Dunbar.