Young entrepreneur thriving in new investment

“Live life abundantly” has always been a slogan of Rhondell Brown which he always stood by. Brown, who is now 26 years old, always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He has one established business already called Diligent Destinations which is a personal car driving service but now he has ventured into a new business. Life Juice Bar and Café is Brown’s newest business that he started back in December of 2016. Brown has always been “juicing” which is making all-natural juice with fruits and vegetables from his juice extractor machine.

Retiree finds second career in gardening, selling vegetables

This is Willis Thomas Jr., 85-year-old born and raised in Villa Ridge, Ill. and now residing in Jackson, Mich. He is retired now from General Motors and has been enjoying his 30-plus years of relaxation. But during those years Thomas found other ventures to part take in to keep extra cash in his pockets. He always has done photography and film so he started a business when he retired where he would take portraits of families and take video and pictures of events.

To travel widely, first you must save frequently, spend lightly

Porcha Lipsey is a junior at Columbia College Chicago, a performing arts school in downtown Chicago. She has had the great opportunity to travel throughout her years but thinks it is quite important to travel while still a student. Lipsey has visited the majority of the states and cities but loves to travel abroad at least once a year. She recommends that every young person who is open to learn and see the world should invest in traveling. She has invested time and money into planning her trips throughout the year.

Starting your own business can be a ‘very scary proposition’

Driving down Willow Street in Lansing, Mich. on a sunny afternoon, a passer-by notices there were 10 mannequins standing in front of a what it seems to be a clothing store. The mannequins were all dressed up from men’s to women’s clothing that were easily catching to the eye. Walking in, the visitor notices a woman sitting in a chair and a man in another. The store was called Unique Fashions; it was very small but it had so many clothes and items it was overwhelming.

Q & A: I’m a recent graduate. To spend or to invest?

The transition from college to the working world has always been seen as a huge step. It’s no more fully depending on your parents, but rather living on your own. Many grads wonder what’s next, to get a job, go back to school, or travel. But while students are trying to figure out what’s their next move, they are stuck owing for their education. In 2016 grads averaged just about $38,000 (in college debt) which has increased from previous years.

Leaks can lead to high billing

Cierra Pryor
The Williamston Post

Jason Hill first noticed his high water bill in November 2015. He figured it was a mistake, or a case of his kids having more fun than usual in the water. Hill grew concerned once he noticed a pattern for the next two to three  months, as bills continued charging way above his family’s average. “Once I received the bill for the next three months, it was just about the exact same as the first one that caught my attention,” said Hill. “After that I told my wife, Rebecca,  that we may need to call this in to see what’s going on.”

Hill said they have had leaks before in their plumbing and made sure they were fixed, but they may be back.

Foundation hopes 34th annual golf outing will set fundraiser records

By Cierra Pryor
The Williamston Post

Amanda Frattarelli, director of the senior benefits fund began the meeting with stating that the golf outing will be a combination of having fun, getting exercise, and raising a lot of money. The Williamston schools foundation is hosting the 34th annual golf outing on May 21, 2016, at Brookshire Inn & Golf Club to raise money for technology in the schools. Frattarelli made it clear in the meeting that there is more money to be raised through this event. “We are about halfway to our initial goal, which is around $400,000,” said Frattarelli. “A third of the devices has been bought, but yet there are other items needing to be purchased.”

Board member Nicole Ellefson began to go over the agenda and share some major changes from previous years.

Finding Yourself Through Art series continues with silk screening class

The Williamston Post

WILLIAMSTON – Members of the senior center plastered paint on their hands and utensils, creating different images on their cloth during silk screening class. Smiles filled the room as the ladies found themselves enjoying one another. Silk screening class is a great way to personalize anything. For one hour the ladies had fun working together to transfer a design to a screen. “It’s an easy, fun process that has unlimited outcomes,” said class instructor Wendy Shaft.

Residents react to Michigan’s primary

By Cierra Pryor
The Williamston Post

With Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump winning the March 8 primary election in Michigan, some Williamston residents are shocked Sanders snagged the win over Clinton. “I am so glad Bernie won the Democratic primary for our state,” said Crystal Davis, 38, a resident of Williamston and sales clerk at Food Mart. “I believe he is a man for the people and has a true heart for this country.”

Davis said that Sanders’ compassion for the people is what got her vote. “I did my research on Bernie and I was surprised to discover that he was heavily involved with civil rights back in the ’60s,” said Davis. “He believes in equality for all humans in this country no matter the circumstance.”

Along with Davis, Cheryl Drake, an accountant at Fifth Third Bank, also voted for Sanders.