Diabetes forces some to practice healthier habits

Deanna Russell and her husband Josh Russell were hiking the Pyramid Point trails along the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, as they often do. This particular trail is over 2 ½ miles long. The end of the path overlooks the picturesque light blue waters of Lake Michigan. It is a sight that is well worth the tiresome march through the woods. But the hike is also somewhat of a risky proposition for Deanna Russell, who was diagnosed with late onset Type 1 diabetes a little over five years ago.

Cash woes drive some college students to donate plasma for an easy payday

Conor Goggin was at a crossroad. The weekend was quickly approaching and his roommates were arranging their plans, but Goggin’s bank account was lacking funds. He needed to find a quick way to supplement his other source of income. That’s when his roommate suggested he donate plasma. “My roommate Layton had done it because his brother used to do it when he went to Michigan State,” Goggin said, who consistently donated at CSL Plasma in Lansing for a year and a half.

Americans don’t feel the need to get a flu shot

It’s a brisk winter day. You’re running behind so you grab the essentials, your wallet, keys and phone. Put on your shoes and you’re out the door chasing down the bus. But you realize you forgot your jacket. Your day goes on as you trudge through the bitter cold, unprepared for mother nature’s elements.

What do millennials think of the electoral college?

The election is right around the corner. While some are ready for a change in the oval office, maybe we should consider changing something else about our election process, the electoral college.

It has been nearly 16 years ago since the last time the electoral college did not represent the popular vote in an election. It has happened three times before that as well. But do students think a candidate should be able to lose the popular vote and still win the election?

Jan Lynch sits down with me at Sigma Kappa to talk about elections of the past and the upcoming election.

The election: then and now with Jan Lynch

Election day is nearing, and we are well aware of issues that concern millennials, such as the environment and student loans. Baby boomers are getting less attention as they grow older. I sat down with 72-year-old Jan Lynch to get her take on this year’s election and the issues she, along with others around her age, care about.