Work-related stress can be helped with positive work culture

With less and less separation between work and personal lives, people struggle with work-related stress. The key to this is maintaining and implementing a positive work culture. People might often think of work-related stress as normal or just a part of the job, but that isn’t necessarily the case. In today’s workforce there seems to be a higher emphasis on competition and pressure, while managers can be very demanding of their employees. It can be rare to work for a company that actively promotes self-care and wellness.

The election has caused mental health problems for millennials
This map shows the top 25 places for millennials to live based on the number of millennial residents, job opportunities, affordable housing, and access to bars and restaurants. The 2016 election was possibly one of the most divisive elections the United States has seen in some time. The repercussions of the election are still happening as President Donald Trump has called a “war” on the media and continues to make decisions that spark protests worldwide. Dr. Farha Abbasi, assistant professor of psychiatry at Michigan State University and expert on mental health post-election, says there seems to be anxiety issues when it comes to our identities and a worsening of depression because of the election. She also says that this falls on both sides of the political aisle.

A plant-based diet can tell us who we are

Oftentimes, people change their diets because they want to look good or simply be healthier. However, diets, such as the flexitarian diet, which is a more plant-based diet, can go much deeper than that. Dr. Janet Brill, a nationally recognized expert in the fields of health, wellness and cardiovascular disease prevention, says people who adopt a more plant-based diet tend to be more responsible. “A diet that is more plant-based is better for your health and the Earth,” Brill says. “These people are more personally responsible.”

This is exactly why Central Michigan University junior, Paige Pope, made a change in her diet.