The Ingham County Fairgrounds hosts Festival of Trees

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INGHAM COUNTY, Mich. – From Dec. 9–10, the Ingham County Fair held its Festival of Trees event for families and friends to enjoy the holiday season. With over 100 vendors, 50 decorated trees, and live performances, there were more than enough Christmas activities to enjoy. 

Vendors of all kinds sold a range of goods to families and friends. Live performances also occurred throughout both days that allowed for kids to watch and meet their favorite Disney characters. From Ana and Elsa of Frozen to Spiderman, a show was put on with pictures after for all the kids to enjoy. 

“My wife and I saw this event and wanted to bring our kids for the holiday season,” said Jeremy Anderson, an Ingham County resident, “I didn’t expect all of this… the shows and the trees are a real treat to my daughters and wife and it is just something really cool to do with them.”

Attendees of all ages were able to enjoy the performances, and many saw the event as a great opportunity to see the vendors and get new things for the Christmas season. 

“I was able to buy this wreath from one of the vendors over there,” Marin Antovski said. ”Me and my boyfriend came here not really knowing what to expect. But there were some great things to buy out here for gifts and decorations. So I knew I had to take advantage of my opportunity.” 

This event was set up for a very good reason, with some of the proceeds earned going to the Greater Lansing Food Bank and the Lansing Save Program. 

“I just think this whole event is such a great idea,” said Judy Lewis, a vendor at the event. “I think that this is perfect for families to come here and be together. I think it’s great that I get to be here to show off my things. And it’s great that we get to raise some money for the food bank.” 

The Christmas music rang as people continued to walk around and enjoy the event. The holiday season was in full effect, letting everyone enjoy and bring out their full Christmas spirit. 

“This is a reason why I love Christmas so much,” said Renae Martignan, a parent to three kids,” the music, the lights, the trees, the decorations, it’s beautiful. And Christmas allows for an event like this to happen, which then leads to a night where I can take my little ones and see them fall in love with Christmas like I did.”

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