The Potter Park Zoo kicks off 31st annual Wonderland of Lights for the Holiday Season

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LANSING, Mich. —The Potter Zoo opened its 31st annual Wonderland of Lights. Family and friends came out to enjoy the lights, music and Christmas festivities throughout the zoo. 

The zoo is home to more than 30 animals that people were able to see in the decorative lights. The event was sponsored by 26 local companies in the Lansing area. 

“Without the sponsors none of this is possible,” said event director Carolyn Fabro, “but in the end, all I think we care about is putting a smile on these families’ faces. Nothing is better than the holidays, and being able to create something for people to come out and enjoy it. It is hard to beat that feeling.” 

As the animals were lit with color from the festive lights, there were many holiday-themed activities for attendees to enjoy, the most popular being Santa Claus. 

“I look around and everything here is wonderful,” said Kathy Dailey, a parent who attended with her children. “The lights, the animals, the activities for my little ones. It is just such a good way to have memorable family time. There is nothing better than Christmas, and seeing your kids enjoy Christmas. And I get to experience both here tonight.” 

Colorful lights wrapped around the trees, bushes and animals exhibited along the rails. Kids and families were amazed by the amount of time and effort that went into this to make the experience as wonderful as possible. 

“I just think all of this is so impressive,” said Michigan resident Jenny Shafer. “This is the first time I visited here to see these lights. And I can just say these are some of the best I have seen. I can really tell there was care and actual emphasis to make these lights and decorations look good for everyone to enjoy.”

The Wonderland of Lights event began in 1992, and visits from thousands of families prompted an increase in production for the Wonderland of Lights. 

“This is the fifth straight year I have come with my mom and my kids,” said attendee Megan Dewey. “She and my daughter have always liked bonding over animals and Christmas. And each year I feel like we mention they did something better with the lights or animals involved in the event.”

The Wonderland of Lights at Potter Park Zoo will continue each Thursday–Sunday night from 5–9 p.m. until Dec. 23.

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