Mitten Vintage grows from college small business to statewide success

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Anthony Wis and Mitten Vintage team Members.

Mitten Vintage, an Asian-owned and Detroit-based vintage flea market and thrift store, recently hosted its final Detroit event of the year at Eastern Market Brewing. The evening was a blend of vintage clothes, good company and crafty concoctions.

Attendees had a selection of vintage clothing, accessories and handmade items. Diverging from their usual daytime hours, this particular vintage market extended its hours from Despite the later hours, there was a large turnout throughout the night. 

“The night market concept is a concept we always wanted to try and the Detroit venue was perfect for it,” said Anthony Wis, owner of Mitten Vintage. “The attendees like the vibe of the live DJs and a bar being right next to the market in order to have a nice shopping experience.”

Attendee Simone Riley said, “I stopped by because I needed to find a last-minute gift for my mom, but I ended up finding something for her and me.”

Founded in 2019 in a college apartment, Mitten Vintage has since become one of the biggest parts of Michigan’s fashion scene. ​​What started as a college apartment endeavor in 2019 transformed into a thriving business with its first event in Holland in 2020, featuring eight vendors that sparked the brand’s expansion.

At the core of Mitten Vintage’s success lies a distinctive marketing strategy. The brand caters to the desires of those who embrace secondhand fashion. 

“People who shop secondhand love individuality in fashion as well as affordability and that is all we do here for our markets,” Wis said. “We do monthly giveaways and for our Christmas events we do big prize giveaways such as TVs, electronics, and other gifts. We do this as a giveback for those who support us.”

Denille Reid

Mitten Vintage attendees look through rows of thrifted clothes at their end-of-the-year event.

As Mitten Vintage continues to grow, the company is set to explore more Michigan cities and venues. 

“We are definitely working on a few more cities and venues and if there are any venues that want to work with us please reach out as we are always willing to talk,” Wis said.

Mitten Vintage weaves together affordability, accessibility, and a diverse community. From college beginnings to statewide markets, this company is looking to build on its brand of passion and community.

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