MSU makes new safety installations across athletic, entertainment centers

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Metal detectors at Spartan Stadium entry.

Caesar Roundtree

Metal detectors at Spartan Stadium entry were installed on Sept. 9.

As a part of Michigan State University’s move to increase safety on campus, staff recently installed metal detectors at every entry at Spartan Stadium. Holding 75,000 people, the new installation didn’t slow down event goers from getting into the stadium as quickly as possible for the Sept. 9 game against Richmond.

 In addition to Spartan Stadium, MSU is also adding this installation to other event facilities such as the tennis court, Wharton Center, and the Munn Ice Arena. Meanwhile, metal detector entries were already in place at the Breslin Center. 

Spokesperson for the Department of Police and Public Safety, Dana Whyte, said this installation has been a yearlong process.

“As we continue to advance our safety and security measures on campus, It made sense to also put the metal detectors at the stadium and other facilities,” Whyte said. “This project on adding the new additional metal detectors has been in the works this past year and we were able to get them into the stadium this weekend.”

The process of this installation began after the university purchased the metal detectors, Whyte said. 

“The metal detectors were purchased by the university from a security company, and the company brought them to campus,” Whyte said. “The metal detectors from then were put together by employees of the department of police and public safety, and then distributed to respective locations.”

While this has been a year-long process for the university, Mia Alton, a senior studying economics, was shocked that this installation has only come about this year.  

“I was under the impression that the Spartan Stadium already had metal detectors,” Alton said. “I never think that it is too late for adding safety measures, but this is something that I wish we had prior and would’ve eased a lot of minds.” 

Whyte said the university is hoping to provide safety for students, following this weekend’s installation.

“We want our fans when they come to our campus whether they are students, faculty, or visitors to feel safe and secure especially when they’re going to events as large as football,” Whyte said. “We hope that these metal detectors give our community a peace of mind when they go into a venue that large, and know that these detectors are in place to keep them safe.”

Alton said since the installation she and her friends got into the stadium faster than usual and is more secure upon new security measures. 

“I actually think we got in way quicker then in the past, I feel significantly safer from this installation,” Alton said. “Before that what was stopping someone from having a gun in their pocket? Or a large knife since there were no security measures prior. At least you know what’s in the stadium now.”

While Alton feels safer, finance major Colin Brueck still doesn’t feel safe despite the installation.

“I don’t necessarily feel safer because of them, but knowing they are updated does make me think Msu is trying to make us students feel safe,” Brueck said. “I think they are pretty useless and people can easily sneak items through if needed.”

 As for what’s next in terms of metal detectors being added elsewhere, Whyte said the current installations are the only planned at this time.

“The locations that we have them at now are the ones we are set on,” Whyte said. “It’s not to say they won’t be added anywhere else in the future but those are the athletic centers are the facilities we are focused on.”

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