Chandler Crossing residents experiencing significant issues

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Residents at Chandler Crossings apartments are fed up with management. Within the first week of moving in, residents have filed multiple maintenance work orders and complaints to the leasing office. 

“When I moved in here, it was terrible. I was promised a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment and the unit was not ready. Then I was transferred to a three-bedroom three-bathroom apartment, and the problems didn’t stop there,” said MSU criminal justice alum Blayre Bray. 

Students who do not reside on campus resort to off-campus housing. Chandler Crossings owns three complexes: the Clubs, the Villages and the Landings. These apartments are at 3850 Coleman Road, about a three-mile drive from Michigan State University. 

Chandler Crossings set the move-in date to be Aug. 24 with security deposits due by July 15 for residents who signed a lease. 

MSU finance senior Tania Hill was excited to move into her own apartment for the semester. 

“I think I will have the most fun decorating. I cannot wait to see what my apartment looks like,” she said. 

But her excitement changed when the living conditions of the apartment did not meet the expectations of a livable unit. 

“When I got there, the apartment looked like it had not been cleaned at all. It was disgusting. The carpet had stains, the walls were dirty, and the appliances were out of place,” Bray said. 

“When I moved into the Clubs, my floor was unfinished, it’s still unfinished to this day and I’ve been living there for 14 days,” she said. “Every time I put in work ordersthey’re always canceled with no follow up.” 

Student complaints consist of move-in issues such as trash, poor carpet, broken appliances and doors, leaks, mold and more. Chandler Crossings property manager Taylor Leach has declined to comment on residents’ complaints. 

According in the Chandler Crossings leasing agreement under security guidelines, it states: “Make sure doors lock, window latches, and sliding glass doors are properly secured at all times.” 

MSU senior Mychaela Lovelace complained to the leasing office that she did not have proper entry into her apartment. Chandlers Crossing uses a key card system, like hotel access for rooms. 

“The property manager told me to leave my balcony door unlocked and hop the railing since I’m on the first floor. I should not have to put my safety at risk just to gain access to an apartment I pay my hard-earned money to,” Lovelace said. 

India Beasley, an accounting major at MSU, showed concern after she joined a line of people outside the door of the leasing office. 

“When I walked into the room it’s like they would tell residents they can’t do anything about their situation and to wait 24-48 hours for the problem to be fixed,” she said. 

Some residents with similar experiences do not plan to return to the complex. Others are insisting money off rent, or implying the legal route if problems are not resolved. 

“I have sent over five emails and none of them got answered, I have to go to different properties to find the manager. They take advantage of students because they think were unaware of what’s going, but we are and this is not right. Nothing should be wrong with my apartment if I have to pay my money before I move in,” Beasley added. 

Frustrated residence has expressed that they’ve called, left emails and voicemails, showed up in person at the leasing office and Chandler Crossings apartments still have not responded. 

“Chandler Crossings better hope we don’t pull a strike on paying rent for these jacked up apartments,” said Janae Williams, a resident at The Clubs. 

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