Line Leap’s “One Last Crawl”

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Bar crawls are defined as the act of visiting multiple bars or pubs in a single session according to Cambridge University.

Sophia Plantz

MSU students participating in the bar crawl waiting in line for Rick’s American Cafe.

Line Leap held one of their notorious bar crawls on April 25. The fun began at 5 p.m. when students wearing their specific bar crawl shirts get free cover at the bars that are participating in the event.

“I think this was my favorite bar crawl I’ve attended yet,” Chloe Giacoletti said. “The weather was a big reason for that.”

Bar crawls are defined as the act of visiting multiple bars or pubs in a single session, according to Cambridge University, and are widespread and popular around college campuses. Line Leap is a corporation that hosts bar crawls created in 2017.

Line Leap has hosted only one crawl in East Lansing this year so far, but they usually host about four to five every school year. The crawl that took place on April 25 was in the theme for the end of the school year, “One Last Crawl”.

Students purchase a $25 shirt to wear to get free cover into the bars participating in the event. Along with free cover most of the bars had deals on specific drinks and pitchers.

“FieldHouse and The Riv had super cheap pitchers which was probably my favorite deal,” Cate Kovacic said.

“I believe Landshark had the best deals from the bars I went to,” Cierra Daratony said. “They had $4 drinks, however they were in very small cups so it felt like it wasn’t that great of a deal but it was better than what we are used to.”

Although these types of bar events are fun, they can end with lots of participants which means long lines. 

“Landshark had the longest line for sure,” Giacoletti said. “It was wrapped around the other side of the building near Noodles & Co.”

Since there’s a bar crawl hosted in East Lansing every three months, students have gone to multiple.

“I’ve gone to three crawls before yesterday and this one was probably the best for me,” Kovacic said. “I think it was because of the weather and it wasn’t as crowded because I bet a lot of students were focused on finals.”

For others, “One Last Crawl” was their first experience at this type of event. Daratony said that she enjoyed it for it being her first time. 

“It was really nice to have some drink specials considering how high priced everything typically is. Being able to go into the bars without cover fees was also very very appealing, so I would definitely do it again!” she said. 

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