Spartans reflect on happy memories during a difficult semester

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Spring 2023 was a semester unlike any other for Michigan State University, full of unprecedented tragedy and grief, but also hope and a stronger sense of togetherness and community. While there were difficult times throughout the semester, many MSU students came together to help each other cope, and begin to heal.

“My favorite memory from this semester was Spartan Sunday,” said MSU sophomore Ethan Magers. “After the tragic event, East Lansing felt like a ghost town and everyone was sad, but when everyone came back on Spartan Sunday it was a great experience. Everyone was together and held their hands out for each other.”

A sense of togetherness was a common theme among students interviewed. When asked about his favorite memory of the semester, MSU sophomore Jeffrey VanHorn talked about the first men’s basketball home game helping things feel normal for him again.

“The Indiana game was a great memory for me this semester. It was the first time I felt normal being back on campus after everything that happened, and it was really great to be back with my friends watching MSU win,” said VanHorn.

Another highlight of the semester for students was St. Patrick’s Day, a favorite for college students for years. Juniors Will Shenefield and Brayden Davis both said St. Patrick’s Day were their happiest memories of the semester.

“I really enjoyed spending time on St. Patty’s with my friends. It was one day this semester that I didn’t have to worry about anything,” said Shenefield.

Davis said when he went out early St. Patrick’s Day morning to make sure he could watch the Spartans opening round March Madness game against USC, and watching them win while enjoying a few green beers was his favorite memory of the semester.

MSU Junior Alysia Morrisette said her most fun moment of the semester was a joint birthday party for her friends’ 21st birthdays.

“We did a combined birthday weekend for my friends Kelsey and Olivia. We rented out a section at Fieldhouse to celebrate and had such a fun weekend,” said Morrisette.

Other students used their passions to try and help them heal. MSU Bass Fishing Club member Brenden Massa said the club’s ice fishing trip to Spider Lake in Traverse City was his favorite memory.

If any students, staff or faculty are struggling in the aftermath of the events this semester, the Counseling and Psychiatric Services website has the most up to date information on available resources for Spartans everywhere.

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