Lansing schools work to strengthen health support for students

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Lansing School District Board of Education Members hold a meeting on March 2. By Jiazhi Chen.

Jiazhi Chen

Lansing School District Board of Education Members hold a meeting on March 2.

On March 2, the Lansing School District Board of Education and two managers from Ingham County Health Centers, Kris Drake and Nancy Diawara, discussed student health support during a regular board meeting.

The meeting focused on several points which included the progress of the expanding and enhancing emotional health program, also known as E3, in Lansing schools. They also discussed Ingham County Health Centers’ desire to receive financial support from the Lansing School District and  the Ingham County Health Department Interagency Agreement with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Service.

Drake is the executive director of Ingham Community Health Centers (ICHCs). Drake said they are excited to maintain a partnership with Lansing School District, and highlighted three points about the Interagency Agreement that need to be improved in this meeting, including the outdated language of the Interagency Agreement, progress of E3 and transfer of care clause.

“We needed to add the E3 program in language into the agreement that just the state requires us,” said Drake.“We decided to add a transfer of care clause into the agreement, because students will be seen at the Willow Community Health Center when a student cannot be cared or treated for in the schools.”

Secretary Dr. Nino Rodríguez said he was excited to make the E3 program content more than before and asked for what else the Lansing School District could support.

“What we need to move forward is funding,” said Drake. “We would like to deepen the relationship and simply need additional state funding to actualize your request.”

Supervisor Diawara stated they do have a referral process for mental health assessments evaluations for students, not only the medical providers but also behavioral health consultants.

“They are licensed masters social workers,” said Diawara. “If the child needs to be put on medications, the provider will help them. If they are beyond that, students will refer out.”

At the end of the meeting, President Rachel Wills approved the update agreement with seven in favor of approving and zero opposed. 

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