Helping cats find their forever home

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Sara Cardinal spending time with one of the cats at the Constellation Cat Cafe.

The Constellation Cat Cafe has become a staple of the East Lansing community for people to go and spend quality time with cats. Now, the cafe will be upgrading to a bigger facility in downtown Lansing. It will be moving into the old Su Casa Boutique at 1041 N. Cedar St. The cafe does not have a set date for the move, but the plan is sometime this summer. Barista and social media manager Paula Crow explained some of the additions they look to add at the new place. “Right now, our space is split into two parts, the cafe side and the cat room. At the new location, we plan to add on a few extra spaces such as a Kitten Nursery and a Shy Cat room,” said Crow. 

The cafe at the moment is at 3320 E. Lake Lansing Road in East Lansing. It is open from noon-8 p.m Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m-8 p.m Friday and Saturday, and 9 a.m-6 p.m on Sunday. The Constellation Cat Cafe partners with Happy Feet Pet Rescue and Saved by Zade, nonprofit organizations that rescue animals. Both provide cats for the cafe. All the cats brought in have had their shots and are healthy. 

What makes the place interesting is the concept of both an animal adoption center and a coffee shop. It looks like your typical coffee shop with different types of teas, lattes, milkshakes and more. When you look to your left, there is a room designed for cats to feel safe and for people to interact with them. Mary Bogle came in with her granddaughter for the first time and loved the experience.  “We’ve always wanted to come here, so this is fun. I just have to refrain from taking them home with me.” 

Sara Cardinal brought in her two young boys to see the cats, as she does from time to time. Her family owns two cats so they were just visiting to spend quality time with the cats. Cardinal said, “The cat cafe offers a really unique opportunity because you get people like us not looking to adopt, but we have an opportunity to have a really positive experience with the cats here.” Constellation Cat Cafe wants everyone to feel welcome and for the cats to find their forever home. It doesn’t matter who walks in the front door, you know the cats will be waiting for your love. Sara Cardinal said it best, “Who’s going to be mad about cats and coffee? It is the perfect mix.”

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