Explore fresh coffee and baked goods at Taste Coffee Company

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Taste Coffee Company lobby on a busy morning serving the city of Okemos.

Rachel Fulton

Taste Coffee Company lobby on a busy morning serving the city of Okemos.

The Okemos restaurant formerly known as the Golden Rose Restaurant and then Country House Catering is now the family-owned and revamped Taste Coffee Company.

The Vanderwey family bought the building a few years ago but took time to renovate it and had its grand opening in January 2022.

Taste offers a blend of classic coffees, teas, lattes, baked goods, and more.

“Our number one priority here is hospitality so we wanted to create a space where coffee enthusiasts can feel safe and for those who aren’t familiar with specific coffee terms aren’t judged,” general manager Molly Vanderwey said.

What makes this coffee shop so special is the close relationships between the employees as well as the community they have created with the public.

“This is my first job and I have learned so much as far as what the working life is like and how to create strong bonds through the community which is why I love meeting people,” coffee barista and family friend of the Vanderweys, Elizabeth Beals said.

Aside from the strong community that brings the company to life, the quality of food is one of their pride points.

“Everything is made fresh in shop every day. From the baked goods to even the syrups are made all here to ensure high quality for our customers,” Molly Vanderwey said.

A huge benefit that the company has is Molly Vanderwey’s sister, Anneke, who trained in England during a summer to bring fresh baked goods to the business.

“She developed all the recipes there and brought them back and has trained bakers here to replicate the baked goods every morning in the shop,” Molly Vanderwey said.

“It is cool to see the diverse mixes of businesses coming into this one location and seeing a new coffee shop option is exciting for the area too,” East Lansing resident Caryn Wojcik said.

Following their success in the last year, Taste plans to add new renovations to the building in the next few months.

Molly Vanderwey said the building needs to be more accessible for the visitors which is why they will be “making the entrance roadside” and “reconfiguring things such as the espresso machine and other coffee stuff will be in the front room to make things a little more normal and like how a coffee shop should be set up.”

Taste Coffee Company can be found on Facebook and Instagram as well as their full menu, hours of operation, photos, and more on their website.

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