MSU students reflect back on the night of Feb. 13

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Notes of encouragement placed with flowers on the campus at Michigan State University.

Notes of encouragement placed with flowers on the campus at Michigan State University.

A month has passed since the Feb. 13 mass shooting that killed three students and injured five has left Michigan State students reflecting on life at school since the tragedy. 

“I am still in shock. I cannot believe such a horrific tragedy would happen to a place that I love so much,” sophomore James Madison College Student Sarah McNally said.

McNally was at her sorority house when the shooting took place. 

“I was very lucky to be surrounded by a supportive group of my friends. We were all there for each other,” McNally said.

McNally said that she has noticed that ever since that tragedy occurred, everyone on campus has come together to support one another when needed. 

“I’m trying to check in with my friends and make sure they know I am here to listen and be there for them. Being together is what helps everyone and no one should be alone in a time like this,” McNally said. 

McNally said she has been cherishing quality time with her friends more and trying to remember to put aside homework and studying and prioritize her well-being during this difficult time.

Photo by Michigan State University

Kianna Clark, a freshman criminal justice major said she feels nothing is the same after the tragic event on Feb. 13.

Clark was in a friend’s dorm in south Case Hall during the shooting. 

“Now, I’ve been trying to be more aware of people and my surroundings during all hours of the day,” Clark said. 

Clark said as of right now, she is trying to give herself time to heal and not rush anything.

Kianna Clark

Paige Poulin, an MSU sophomore and James Madison College student said she is trying to return to her normal routine and to live life how she did before the tragedy. 

Poulin was with McNally at the Delta Gamma sorority house the night of Feb. 13. 

“This has affected how I view security around campus. It has also impacted the ways in which I feel safe in crowds and large environments,” Poulin said. 

Poulin said she does think that the school has built a stronger community due to the tragedy.

“We have come together in order to grieve as a school and make the school safer,” she said. 

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