Spartans show support in cold home football season closer

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Fans at the game try to stay warm and stand in line for 
food at the concession stands.

Michigan State University had its last home game for the season at Spartan Stadium on Nov. 19.

Student Olivia Stout came out for the game. “Earlier in the year I would just be looking out my window and see everyone head to the stadium, which made me want to do the same,” said Stout. “It was the last home game, so I had to come. It really brought the campus together and everyone was very lively.” 

East Lansing experienced strong winds during the game with some on-and-off snow in 20 degree Fahrenheit weather, but that didn’t stop students and fans from coming out and supporting their team. “My mom taught me how to layer up,” said Stout. “I’m wearing a T-shirt, long sleeve and sweatshirt under my jacket, and then I have leggings under my pants and two pairs of socks. That’s the only way I’m making it through.”

Michigan State baseball player Jayden Terres said, “I love sports, so, of course I am watching the game. It’s disappointing because we had every opportunity to win and we let them come back. I think there were a lot of expectations and hype that coach Tucker did not live up to, especially from a recruiting standpoint.” 

Student Rudy Zelich said, “I will definitely miss football season since we all get to come together as fans in the student section.”

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