Student combines creativity, academics to make it work

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Attending college is not an easy task, especially one as lively and spirited as MSU, but somehow students still find a way to pursue their interests while studying thoroughly. 

One student to take note of is senior, Myles Reed. 

Reed is pursuing Creative Advertising while managing his clothing brand, EVOL LIFESTYLE. Working to balance his academic priorities and his creative side,  Reed started his brand during his senior of high school and continues to gain exposure for it.

As a teenager, Reed felt conflicting emotions as he was finding himself and decided to channel that energy into his brand.

“Love, sadness, anger… all that inspired me to make the brand,” Reed said. “I didn’t want to put that angst into something negative so I started my brand so people could get a visual of what I was feeling at the time,” Reed said. 

One of Reed’s first designs for EVOL LIFESTYLE (Photo credit: Mylesonmars)

Reed creates all his designs himself, including shirts, hoodies, and hats. He eventually wants to expand his variety.

 “I’ve been working on socks for my brand; I want to expand my options for EVOL,” Reed said. 

Reed finds inspiration from the media and pop culture to design his clothing brand. Whether it’s famous posters or logos, Reed uses the environment around him to express himself through his brand. 

The Future of EVOL 

Reed’s clothing brand has just begun, but he is already planning for the future. 

“I really want to see my brand in some type of clothing stores, whether it’s former vintage or a retail store like Zumiez,” Reed said. 

Reed is not selective about where his items are sold, but the end goal is to have his brand distributed in well-known stores. 

“I want everybody to have an opportunity to buy my clothes because I want people to relate to what I’m wearing,” Reed said. 

Reed shows that strenuous class schedules can be done with creative interest. Balance is crucial, and Reed is one MSU student proving it is possible.

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