East Lansing limits big bags, young kids at football games

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Megan Samp

The East Lansing School Board has changed two policies to make football games safer.

The first change includes a limited bag policy. Football spectators are no longer allowed to bring bags larger than 6.5 x 4.5 inches. Large purses, tote bags, diaper bags and backpacks are prohibited. However, clear storage bags will be allowed for medical or child supplies. 

The second change is that spectators in the eighth grade and below must be accompanied or supervised by a parent or guardian. Superintendent Dori Leyko, said, “hundreds of students were dropped off unsupervised, consuming a lot of time and energy.”

The changes were discussed during the school board meeting on Oct. 3. 

Several East Lansing residents and families argued it was frustrating trying to maneuver through crowds of middle school students. Kate Powers, parent and board trustee,  said, “it did not create an easy place to get to concessions and back.”

The administrators acknowledge spectators’ concerns regarding students in younger grade levels  and are working to make sporting events more enjoyable for families and students. 

East Lansing High School Principal Shannon Mayfield sent the changes and  policies to each student’s home on  Friday. The school  board hopes to better the community while keeping safety at the forefront. For more information regarding spectator policies visit Leyko’s weekly updates.

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