CATA giving free rides to the polls

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CATA bus picks and drops off residents in the East Lansing area.

CATA is offering free transportation to local clerk offices and ballot drop boxes up until Election Day on Nov. 8. 

According to CATA’s website, buses will not require identification or proof of registration.

Michigan State student Annie Gillespie said, “I think that’s definitely something I would consider using because I don’t have a car on campus. I’m a freshman so it makes it easier for me and a lot of other people who also don’t have cars to be able to have the opportunity to go vote.”

East Lansing resident Joshua Hravatic said, “I would be for it because gas isn’t cheap, and free public transportation could be beneficial personally and throughout the community.” 

Student Panayiotis Papadakos said, “Yes, I would take the bus. Michigan is a swing state, so it’s important that all registered voters contribute.”

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